January 20, 2019

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The Importance of Workers Compensation

Consumers have their mortgages, their auto insurance and probably some form of homeowner's insurance. They may have measures in place to protect their important documents and belongings as well as firewalls to protect their computers, all of which … [Read more...]

Coal Mining Injury Lawsuits

Coal mining is a major industry in states such as West Virginia and Kentucky. The coal mining industry provides energy to millions of people and employment to thousands more. Coal mining is also one of the world’s most dangerous jobs, with a death … [Read more...]

Falls in the Workplace

Workplace injuries can occur in many different ways. It is only natural to first think of accidents that may involve heavy machinery, power tools, or even motor vehicles that you use on the job when you have concerns about workplace injuries. … [Read more...]

Getting Workers’ Compensation for Permanent Disability

Iowa’s insurance laws define certain major injuries that are permanent in nature, and that involve certain areas of the body as qualifying for workers' compensation permanent disability benefits.  These benefits may be partial or total. The main … [Read more...]

How Workers’ Compensation Helps When Returning to Work After Injury

There are many benefits to both the worker and the employer when an employee returns to the workplace after his injury. For an employee, returning to work enhances his or her financial situation. Remember, workers’ compensation payments are never 100 … [Read more...]